Tips for going green in your apartment

by Vanessa Lalani
Tips for going green in your apartment

Tips for going green in your apartment

A growing number of people in our capital cities are preferring the urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle that apartment living can provide. Being close to transport, cafes and work opportunities is a huge draw card for many and with space becoming such an expensive commodity, the trend towards apartment living is growing exponentially.

There are some really great ways to individually control the impact you have on the environment, even if you don’t have as much space to work with. Read our tops tips on going green in your apartment here:

Our top tips:

1. Plant a garden: plant and grow as many herbs, fruits and vegetables that you can on your balcony or patio. Make best friends with the staff at your local nursery to see what will thrive and then then enjoy!
2. Reduce, reuse and recycle. Refuse anything that has a single use, purchase items with minimal packaging and recycle where you can.
3. Run a zero-waste kitchen: Just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean composting isn’t possible. If you have limited outdoor space you can consider purchasing a Bokashi Bin for your kitchen organic waste. Check out my blog: Easy Ways to Compost in Your Home for step by steps instructions on how to kick start this.
4. Conserve energy: use LED light bulbs, curtains or blinds will help regulate the temperature inside, unplug what you’re not using and opt to dry your clothes on a clothes horse rather than use your dryer.
5. Clean sustainably: ditch paper towels and opt for reusable, washable cloth instead. Look for green cleaners rather than chemical laden ones that can make their way into our water ways.

Check out Tips For Going Green In Your Apartment provided by Downtown Apartment Company.

Do you live in an apartment and live sustainably? We’d love to hear your tips! Add them in the comments below!
Vanessa x

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